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Are you tired of being lied to by the media and our politicians?

Do their explanations for what is happening with the economy and their justifications for endless war seem to be wearing thin with you?

Well you are not alone!

We at the Hidden Hand believe that the truth has been hidden from the public for far too long. We created the Hidden Hand as a way of showing people subjects and perspectives on topics that you won’t hear through the mainstream news.

Through our t-shirt designs we hope to give you just a glimpse down the rabbit hole and show you that all is not as it seems. That the cloud lines in the sky left behind by aeroplanes might not just be condensation trails made by the engines. That the government adds fluoride to our drinking water not just because it cares about the health of our teeth. Or that not every war is carried out because our governments care about a country being oppressed by a “brutal dictator” (who in many cases was helped into power by our governments)

Join us in questioning the status quo and the cartoonish version of reality that we are spoon-fed on a daily basis, and help expose the Hidden Hand