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Where did the idea for the Hidden Hand come from?
I have been following information from the alternative media for just over 12 years so I have been interested in the idea of suppressed information by the mainstream for some time. I remember the first time I came across some information from the alternative media. I was working at a cinema and a colleague happened to leave a photocopied chapter of a book by the popcorn stand. There was always quite a lot of time to kill between shows, so the staff always had their books & magazines under the counter. One afternoon I decided to read the photocopied chapter. It resonated with me like no other book I had read to that point. I wasn’t completely sure I agreed with everything the author was saying, perhaps it was the conditioning through my years of public education which made it uncomfortable to think of world events in anything but the standardised way, but this chapter seemed to finally give me some sense of how the world actually worked and gave me the first sense that perhaps things didn’t have to be this way. The next day I spoke to my colleague about the copied chapter & ended up getting into a pretty deep conversation covering everything from geopolitics to religion to even the nature of reality. Needless to say we became good friends after this and after reading some books & websites that he recommended I realised that the chapter I had read was literally a drop in the ocean of information out there that you would never hear about through mainstream avenues.

What does the Hidden Hand hope to achieve?
Ultimately my hope for the Hidden Hand is to shine a light on subjects that the mainstream tend to avoid like the plague. My aim is to make t-shirts with designs where it is not immediately apparent that they are making a political statement or about a subject covered in alternative media. People who are already familiar with these subjects, I’m sure will understand the message that I’m trying to portray. However for the people that are not familiar with these subjects, I hope that they are either curious enough or simply like the image enough to visit my website. (I have my website printed on the back of all my t-shirts) Once they visit the website there will be a host of articles and videos covering the subjects on my t-shirts. My hope is that by viewing these videos or reading these articles, this could possibly either give them a different perspective on a subject they are already familiar with or even open their eyes to a subject they had no idea even existed. Through this I hope to just give people that little spark in their consciousness that might lead them to question the reality that has been forced upon us by the mainstream and hopefully set them on their own journey of finding their truth.

Is this just another “conspiracy theory” website, how are you different?
Although I realise there is a lot of information out there on the web about conspiracy theories, and people sometimes write what they want without actually having proof to back it up, I still find it dismissive to simply label everyone who has a viewpoint that questions the establishment as a “conspiracy theorist”. By doing so you are putting people who simply write whatever they want with no research or effort put into the information they post, in the same category as people who have spent years researching and backing up their information with as many facts as possible. In the majority of cases these facts and the research provided actually come from people who are part of the establishment, ranging from scientists, doctors and even politicians who have a conscious.

With the Hidden Hand I strongly believe in trying to provide the best information from reliable sources that I can find relating to the subjects I am covering on my t-shirts. I believe there is enough information out there to distract, mislead and outright lie to people without me adding to that. My biggest hope is to try and provide links to information that give credibility to these subjects to help people see that they might not be just another conspiracy theory.